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This is a great kit to get started for any  candlemaker and also includes:

  • An instructional CD ( powerpoint)  valued at $25
  • All the materials your need including the  3 kg wax , 
  • Jars ( X 10 large) 
  • wicks x 10
  • safety stickers x 10
  • wick sustainers x 10
  • wick stickers x 10 
  • Disposable pipettes
  • Wick centering sticks
  • Tealights
  • Tealight wicks

We also include your selection of 5 fragrances (15 mls of each) and 10 colour chips so that you can also customise your candles to suit your own decor and fragrence preferences.

The instructions are quite extensive and we are available for consultation and follow up questions.


Fragrances can be selected from:

  • Vanilla
  • Creme Brulee
  • Rose Geranium
  • Lemon Verbena
  • French Pear
  • Cranberry
  • Black Cherry
  • Bueberry
  • Chanel No 5
  • Christmas Cedar
  • Cinnamon
  • Musk
  • Fragipani
  • Gardenia
  • Lemongrass

What fragrances would you like?

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